Scholarships at SCS

SCS never stops working to make private Christian education as affordable as possible without compromising our commitment to pursuing excellence in academic and spiritual development.

We don’t look at tuition as a cost, but an investment in your child that brings returns for years (into eternity). Like seeds sown by a farmer on fertile soil, an SCS education brings our students a harvest. They show academic achievement, a lifestyle of generosity and service, and graduate from college up to 3x more than average. Most importantly, SCS students are 9x more likely to have a life-long faith in Christ than church-going peers attending public school.

An SCS education is valuable. We want to make it a reality for every family who wants to make that happen. If it’s not possible for you to provide the full tuition, please apply for a scholarship. Also, please don’t hesitate to ask for assistance with the application process by emailing SCS@SCS.School.

SCS families have two available scholarship programs: The SCS Scholarship Assistance Program and Invest in Kids Program Tax-Credit Scholarships. You cannot have a scholarship from both programs. However, it’s in your best interest to complete both applications to help you have the best possible tuition support.

Invest in Kids Tax-Credit Scholarships

The Illinois Legislature created the Invest in Kids program, authorizing up to $100 million for scholarships through tax-credit funded contributions. This provides a path for qualifying students to attend a school like SCS through funds from a Scholarship Granting Organization, such as the Children’s Tuition Fund or Empower Illinois.

To review qualifications and apply for a tax-credit scholarship, visit the Children’s Tuition Fund or Empower Illinois. SCS works with both organizations, and while available funding may vary, the family financial qualifications are the same for each organization.

Note: In comparison to the traditional SCS Scholarship Assistance Program, SCS families are more likely to qualify for a scholarship under Invest in Kids guidelines. Plus, an award will be greater. However, contributions to Invest in Kids organizations ultimately determine what’s available. So far, requests for scholarships from those organizations have exceeded their available funding for scholarships.

SCS Scholarship Assistance Program

You’ll want to apply for this along with the above Invest in Kids scholarships. Each year Springfield Christian School provides more than $250,000 in scholarship assistance to those in need. Our goal is to make an exceptional K-8 Christian education a reality for every family who desires to make it happen for their children. Click HERE to apply to the SCS Scholarship Assistance Fund.

Need more information? Access the SCS Scholarship Assistance Description & FAQ Here.

Find Out How to Direct Your State Income Tax to Support SCS Scholarships!

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