Springfield Christian School exists to equip students to follow Christ and impact the world for Him.

At SCS, our vision is to offer a compelling educational environment where students learn to live on purpose for His purpose and become the young men and women God created them to be.

Thank you for your interest in joining our talented team at Springfield Christian School! We are honored and humbled by the quality of individuals who desire to join our organization.

Prior to expressing interest in our open positions, we invite you to become familiar with our ministry expectations listed below, which include upholding the tenets of our Christian beliefs and safeguarding our foundation in Biblical principles and values. We also encourage you to determine in your own heart and mind not only if SCS will meet your individual needs, but also if you possess both the capability and desire to integrate your faith while you fulfill your responsibilities. We truly seek only those candidates who are committed to equip students to follow Christ and impact the world for Him.

To be considered for employment at SCS, we must determine the following to be true about you:

  • Our commitment in return is to maintain a high standard for all positions, to empower you for success and to hold all of us accountable as we conduct each of our roles. This is a special and unique school and we are seeking extraordinarily qualified and dedicated Christian individuals to be part of our team.
  • If you feel called to pursue employment at SCS, we invite you to take the next step and indicate your interest for the specific position by clicking the “Continue” button below, reading about the application process, and then submitting an application. We will consider your submission and get back to you as soon as possible.
  • You have an active faith in Jesus Christ based on a personal relationship with Him and that you are growing in your knowledge and understanding of what it means to make Him your Lord and Savior.
  • You desire and are capable of integrating your faith with the execution of your duties. Whether you serve in the classroom, athletics, in a leadership, or a support position; it is critical that all SCS employees are eager to share their lives and their faith with our students. Since it is the school’s mission to train and equip children to be followers of Jesus Christ, we require all of our employees to be Christian role models in their lives, both on and off the job (Luke 6:40). These requirements extend well beyond the classroom and the school day.
  • You are highly skilled and prepared in your respective discipline of teaching, coaching, leading or serving. You know your craft and are committed to be a life-long learner and always seek ways to be more prepared to impart truth to our students.
  • You are committed to SCS’s mission and vision and will bring your best efforts, focus, time, talent and treasure to be used in the implementation of your role.

Currently Accepting Applications

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Elementary & Jr. High Teachers (Part-Time & Full-Time, Instructional Staff)
Always Accepting Applications

We appreciate your interest in joining our ministry at Springfield Christian School. We invite you to fill out an Instructional Staff Application and return it to the SCS Office. If an opening occurs for which you may qualify, we will notify you and discuss next steps in our process (including meeting for a personal interview, sending your placement file to our office, completing a Stage 2 Application, etc.).

Believing that the key to a successful Christian school is its staff, we are seeking applicants who are professionally qualified, who really love children like Christ, and who, by the pattern of their lives, are Christian role models (Luke 6:40). We look forward to receiving your application.

SCS teachers are charged with equipping students to follow Christ and impact the world for Him. As an SCS staff member, they live out a compelling relationship with Jesus Christ, which is central to daily instruction and interactions with students, parents, and team members. Our staff see students as more than just young people to lead toward curriculum mastery. They also see each student as someone created on purpose, for a purpose – unique individuals to be known and loved.

Our teachers play an important role in providing students the opportunity to discover their identity in Christ. They give students the opportunity to thrive in a school community that values excellence in spiritual and academic development.

SCS Teachers:

  • Evidence a personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Have a passion for connecting students with Christ and His mission
  • Are emotionally and spiritually healthy
  • Lead students to achieve excellent outcomes
  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited post-secondary institution
  • Hold an Illinois Teaching License (or be eligible to hold state-level teaching certification/licensure)

Note: Subject Area Teachers must also be able to lead SCS students to master a specific subject area curriculum.

Stage 1 Application for Instructional Staff

Classroom Aide (Part-Time, Support Staff)

An SCS Classroom Aide works closely with the classroom teacher to assist them and other SCS staff in fulfilling the purpose of the school, which is to equip students to follow Christ and impact the world for Him. SCS staff live out a compelling relationship with Jesus Christ, which is central to daily instruction and interactions with students, parents, and team members. SCS aides provide instructional, supervisory, and organizational support to students and classroom teachers. Aides are occasionally called upon to assist in other areas of the school as needed.

An SCS Classroom Aide should:

  • Evidence a personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Have a passion for connecting students with Christ and His mission
  • Be emotionally and spiritually mature and lead others to be the same
  • Lead students to achieve excellent outcomes
  • Demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited post-secondary institution (preferred, or a minimum of an associate degree) in education or a related field

Stage 1 Application for Support Staff

Springfield Christian Preschool is looking for people who love working with little learners! They're now accepting applications for the roles of Teacher, Teacher Assistant, and Substitute Teacher.

To learn more or to apply, visit or email

Substitute Teachers

Springfield Christian School is currently seeking candidates to serve as substitute teachers. If you would like to be added to our substitute list, please download and fill out the Substitute Instructor Application. Once completed, you can email the application to SCS@SCS.School, mail the application to SCS (2850 Cider Mill Lane., Springfield, IL 62702), or drop off the application at the SCS Office.

Stage 1 Application for Substitute Instructors

Employment Diversity at Springfield Christian School:

Springfield Christian School affirmatively commits to recruiting and hiring of men and women who reflect diversity at all levels of the school. We believe that:

  • God has redeemed for Himself, through the blood of His Son, people “from every tribe and language and people and nation” (Revelation 5:9);
  • the gospel of Jesus Christ is good news to the poor, the brokenhearted, the captives, the blind, and the oppressed (Luke 4:18, NKJV); and
  • unity in diversity is rooted in the character and nature of God and is a creational norm (Genesis 10-11).

The employment of staff at Springfield Christian School is clearly one of the most significant responsibilities of its leadership. To achieve our mission we engage in work that is strategically implemented by men and women whom we believe God has called to serve in the educational programs and services of the school. Therefore we will pursue people for employment who:

  • are committed followers of Christ,
  • reflect a lifestyle consistent with a Biblically integrated perspective as a Christian role model, and
  • have the skills and professional qualifications to effectively carry out the responsibilities of the given position.

Springfield Christian School invites anyone meeting these criteria to apply for an open position for which they qualify.

The Application Process:

We believe the greatest asset we have in advancing our mission is our people. Therefore, we seek to fill all positions at SCS with exceptional individuals. Our process can be lengthy and time-consuming. Stage 1 of our process is an application where we consider an applicant’s training and experience, qualifications, resume, interest, and some responses to questions to determine if we believe a potential match exists. We’ve established this stage so that prospective applicants can come from a pool of individuals we believe have the greatest chance of matching our needs.

Springfield Christian School is a Christian community that exists to exercise and express our Christian beliefs and Christian mission. So, we believe it is extremely important that we deeply explore all applicants’ beliefs and actions relative to faith, character, morals, conduct and the means and ways in which a prospective employee will potentially interact with students. The examination of all potential employees may include screening, essay responses, educational experience, references, personal interview and interactions with our staff on our campus or otherwise. We may also review other information about a candidate they have made public.

We believe working at SCS is a fulfilling calling for the right people and we are truly excited to get to know you and discern a potential fit for our needs. Please understand that we seek to be as diligent and efficient as possible, and the volume of interest we often receive necessitates that much of our communication with you will be electronic. The additional volume of interest may also necessitate that our communication with you may take some additional time.

By continuing, you understand the process as described above and you agree and consent to be examined as to your Christian beliefs and your fit within our Christian mission.

You may find all of our Stage 1 Applications listed with positions above. Interested candidates should complete the applicable application and return it to the SCS Office. You may submit your application via email to Employment@SCS.School, send it by mail, or drop off the application to the school (2850 Cider Mill Lane, Springfield IL 62702).