Campus Paving Work (Oct. 26-30)

A portion of our parking lot will undergo paving work starting the week of Monday, October 26, impacting SCS Drop-off & Pickup.

  • All Drop-Off and Pickup Traffic will be “One-Way” as we have families drive around the south of the building (by the Baseball Field) to access either The Hub or the SCS Entrance.
  • All families must use their assigned Drop-Off and Pickup Door, with The Hub serving as the temporary “WS Main Entrance.”
  • Families using the Before School Program will drop-off at The Hub.
  • Please see the map for details.

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SCS Spirit Week & Food Drive

This coming week (Oct. 26-30) is Spirit Week to bless Inner City Mission! Each day, we encourage students to bring the listed items to support ICM’s efforts to provide shelter, sustenance, education, and Christian counseling to the homeless in Springfield. Plus, items for the food drive become a student’s “ticket” to dress up as our theme for the day!

Please drop off food drive items at the large trailer in the West Parking Lot during SCS Drop-Off (8-8:30 am).

Day Food Drive Need Dress Up Theme*
Monday Canned Food Frenzy (soups, veggies, fruits, coffee, hot chocolate) Comfy Cozy Day
Tuesday Paper Product Parade (paper plates, coffee filters, TP, paper towels) Dress-Like-a-Farmer Day
Wednesday Boxed Foods Bombardment (Special request: cereal, plus mac n cheese, ramen noodles, box mixes) USA Day
Thursday PB/Jelly Snacks Smackdown (PB & jelly, after school snacks, crackers, pizza & spaghetti sauces, gravy) Holiday Day (dress up for your favorite holiday)
Friday Random “FILL THAT TRUCK” Day ($ donations accepted for meats, fresh fruit, bread, or anything else with which to bless Inner City Mission) Character Day

*REMEMBER: Your ticket to dress up is to bring food items for the Food Drive



SCS Drop-Off & Pickup (starting Aug. 31, 2020)

We’ll have plenty of signs to assist you, but please review the map and directions below:


In pursuit of safer and more efficient school drop-off and pick up, SCS has assigned each family/student to a set door for daily Drop-Off and Pickup (the WS Main Entrance or the SCS Entrance). Here’s the schedule and corresponding doors to use:

7:00 to 8:00 am – Before School Program = WS Main Entrance ONLY
8:00 to 8:30 am – Drop-Off = Assigned Family Door (either the WS Main Entrance or the SCS Entrance)
After 8:30 am – During the school day = SCS Entrance to SCS Office ONLY
3:00 pm – Pickup = Assigned Family Door (either the WS Main Entrance or the SCS Entrance)
3:15 to 5:30 pm – After School Program = SCS Entrance ONLY

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DROP-OFF: 8-8:30 am 

ALL Drop-Off traffic must access the Drop-Off Area for your assigned entry door (the WS Main Entrance or the SCS Entrance) through the start of the line as depicted on the Drop-Off Map. 

  • You will pull to the farthest edge of the Drop-Off Zone, have your student(s) quickly exit the vehicle.
  • We want a 10-second Drop-Off, so please have them ready to exit the vehicle by the time you’re in the Drop-Off line.
  • Please do not exit the vehicle to assist your student. If they need extra assistance, you may park in a parking spot outside the Drop-Off area.
  • Also, at no time should you drive past or move any cones, and please always exit this area through the designated path.

As always, please drive carefully and help us make sure everyone is safe on campus. 

PARK & WALK (to Entry Door) 

ALL parents-guardians wishing to park and walk their students to their assigned entry door (the WS Main Entrance or the SCS Entrance) must drive to the west side the building through the parking lot and access the Park & Walk Area located near their assigned entry door.

  • Please accompany your child while walking through the parking lot to ensure their safety.
  • At no time should you drive past or move any cones.
  • You may only enter and exit this area through the secondary Cider Mill Lane entrance or the Westbrook Dr. entrance.

As always, please drive carefully and make sure everyone on the property is safe.

Note: At this time, while operating under additional health and safety restrictions, SCS is not allowing parent-guardians or guests to enter the building during Drop-Off and Pickup. After we begin the school year and make any necessary adjustments to our procedures, we’ll revisit this issue and look for ways to safely accommodate additional parent-guardian and guest entry. 

Before School Program Drop-Off: 7-8 am

You will drop off your student at the WS Main Entrance on the west side of the building (purple on the map).

Other Drop-Off Notes:

  1. Please share this information with others! If you have any friends or family that help with Morning Drop-Off, please make sure they know about these procedures!
  2. At no point should anyone park in the area used for Drop-Off.  If you need to park, please follow the procedures above for Park & Walk.
  3. If you need to visit SCS during the day, please park in the SCS Visitor Parking on the north side of campus (across the first Cider Mill entrance from the playground). You may then walk to the SCS Entrance.

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Please locate the designated pick-up parking area for your family and park there. Once you’ve picked up your student, you’re free to exit campus safely. Please use caution, paying extra attention to other families and vehicles in the area.

Families Assigned to the SCS Entrance will park in the SCS Entrance Pickup Parking Area (purple on the map).

Families Assigned to the WS Main Entrance will park in the Main Entrance Pickup Parking Area (yellow on the map).

  • Please remember to wear a face covering and maintain social distance while waiting to pick up your student.
  • Students will be in a designated section by grade, using the sidewalk or coned areas.
  • After School Program Pickup will occur on the west side of the building. Park in the SCS Entrance Parking Area and walk to the SCS Entrance.

Accessing the SCS Office: If you need to visit the SCS Office, park in the SCS Visitor Parking area on the above maps and walk to the SCS Entrance. You’ll use the security intercom, and someone from the SCS Office will “buzz” you in.

Note: Remember, Illinois requires that all individuals complete a health certification to enter school. Please complete the COVID-19 Certification for your student at SCS.School/CovidSelfCheck prior to their building entry (no more than two hours prior). Non-student and staff entry will happen at the SCS Office where that individual will complete a certification.

We need everyone in the SCS Family to understand and embrace our procedures. You’re helping us operate safely and efficiently during this season of construction and change, so thanks in advance for your flexibility and cooperation!