Invest in Kids Tax Credit

Scholarships at SCS

Increase Your Impact! Give Toward Scholarships at Springfield Christian School Through Tax Credit Scholarships.


The Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship Program offers a 75% IL income tax credit to individuals and businesses that give to a Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO). SGOs then provide scholarships that qualifying families can use to send their student to SCS.

Giving through Tax Credit Scholarships can QUADRUPLE YOUR IMPACT!
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SCS partners with both Scholarship Granting Organizations for our area: Empower Illinois and the Children’s Tuition Fund. Both can help you get a tax credit, and both can help qualifying families send their student to SCS. Whichever SGO you use, please be sure to designate your gift for Springfield Christian School.

Click a SGO link below to get started:

Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) established the Children’s Tuition Fund to assist Christian schools like SCS with tax credit scholarship programs. They support ACSI’s various state-based SGOs, working in concert with schools, contributors, and parents to bless students by improving their educational opportunities.
Empower Illinois is a statewide SGO created in 2017. They serve approximately 80% of Illinois non-public schools, including, both secular private schools and varied faith-based schools (Christian, Catholic, Lutheran, Jewish, Islamic, etc.).