2021-2022 Registration

Click the link below to complete the first step of registering existing SCS students for the 2021-2022 school year. This step reserves a spot for your students!

For students not already attending SCS, please don’t use the below link. Instead, email Admissions@SCS.School or call 217-698-1933 to get started!

Additional Notes:

  • After completing this, the first step of 2021-2022 registration, you will later receive an email from the SCS Office (within a few weeks) with an invitation to complete the second and final step.
  • You’ll select your payment preferences and sign up for Before and After School Programming as part of the second step of 2021-2022 registration.
  • SCS uses West Side’s Online Registration System. Because of this, your transaction receipt will mention West Side.
  • If you need help or don’t want to re-enroll and pay online, we’d be happy to help you get registered at the SCS Office.


Click Here to Reserve Your Spot and Pay Your Registration Fee Online