2020-2021 Registration

Click the link below to complete the first step of registering your existing SCS student for the 2020-2021 school year. This step reserves a spot for your student!


  • If you need help or don’t want to re-enroll and pay online (includes an online convenience fee), we’d be happy to help you get registered at the SCS Office.
  • If your student isn’t already attending SCS, please don’t use the below link, but instead, drop by the SCS Office to make sure we get all the information that we need to get you started!
  • SCS is blessed to use West Side’s Online Registration System this year. Because of this, your transaction receipt will mention West Side.
  • After completing this, the first step of 2020-2021 registration, you will then receive an email from the SCS Office within a few weeks with an invitation to compete the second and final step.
  • New for 2020-2021: You’ll select your payment preferences and sign up for Before and After School Programming as part of the second step of 2020-2021 registration.


Click Here to Reserve Your Spot and Pay Your Registration Fee Online