February 4, 2019

SCS Families,

I’m so glad you are part of Springfield Christian School! Just a little past the halfway mark for this school year, we continue to see God blessing SCS. Students are growing spiritually, academically, and socially, and we’re celebrating our third consecutive year of sustained enrollment growth. As an SCS parent or guardian, you are part of God’s blessing, and we thank Him for you. Your trust and partnership mean so much.

As we’re preparing for a strong second half of this year for your students, we’ve been planning for next school year, too. In fact, even though it’s just February, we’re about to begin accepting registrations and admission applications for 2019-2020.

Please carefully review these key details about the upcoming year, including the special registration week reserved for existing SCS families (February 11).

  • Early Registration for Existing SCS Families Begins February 11. We continue to operate at or near capacity in some grade levels so please register early. We’re offering you an opportunity to re-enroll before others.
  • Fees for Registration and Application for Admission are Changing in Two Ways:
    • The returning student registration fee will increase by $5 to $130. For new students, the admission application fee will increase to $150 (to include costs for both admission testing and registration).
    • Additionally, we’re separating these fees from tuition. In the past, the registration fee (or admission fee) was included as part of SCS’s total tuition, and we credited your paid fee towards tuition. I’m pleased to share that to help offset this change we’re only minimally increasing next year’s tuition (more below).

Why separate tuition and this fee? Even though SCS combined them in the past, we’ve realized that separating these items helps in several ways:

  1. Separating this fee from tuition better aligns SCS with Invest in Kids Program guidelines. This change makes it easier for families to access new scholarships from this program (like from the Children’s Tuition Fund – see more below).
  2. This change helps to minimize confusion many new SCS families regularly experience.
  3. It also aligns SCS’s handling of tuition and fees with best practices in accounting (as well as how most other private schools handle this topic).
  • Tuition for the 2019-2020 School Year Is $5630. Again, to help minimize the impact of the fee change mentioned above, I’m pleased to report that we’re setting SCS tuition for next year at $5630 per student (a $15 increase).

Some may worry this won’t adequately fund all each of us wants for SCS next year. However, we believe these combined changes still allow us to keep our high standards of education at SCS (including offering modest but well-deserved raises to staff). Remember, each person connected to SCS is blessed by West Side’s generosity. The church’s significant support subsidizes every student’s tuition so that we can keep it well below the estimated actual expense of nearly $9,000 per SCS student.

Find Out How to Direct Your State Income Tax to Support SCS Scholarships! Contributing from your tax liability as part of the Invest in Kids Program gets you a 75% IL Tax Credit. Scroll Down to Learn About Tax-Credits at the Bottom of this Page.

We’ve Included Two Scholarship Opportunities at the Bottom of this Page. We’re excited to introduce a new opportunity this year, as an addition to the more than $250,000 in scholarship assistance Springfield Christian School already provides to those in need. Our goal is to make an exceptional K-8 Christian education a reality for every family who desires to make it happen for their children. Scroll Down to See Scholarship Opportunities at the Bottom of this Page.

If our team can help you in any way, please contact the SCS Office. We look forward to continuing to serve your family!

Grateful to partner with you for Christian education,

Jeremiah Auble
SCS Superintendent


2019-2020 Admission and Registration Information


February 7Kindergarten Preview Night – Simply the best way to get started at SCS!

March 14SCS All-School Open House and Jr. High Preview Night – Come and see what sets us apart!

Registration and Admission Timeline:

  • February 11 – Current SCS students may register (new students who are siblings of current students may apply for admission)
  • February 19 – West Side and SCP families eligible to apply for admission
  • February 25 – All students may apply for admission

2018-2019 Scholarship Assistance Timeline:

  • NOW – Children’s Tuition Fund and Empower Illinois portals are now open to reserve a tax-credit scholarship for 2019-2020!
  • February 11 – The SCS FACTS Scholarship Assistance Program opens for the 2019-2020 school year
  • April 15 – Deadline for completed SCS FACTS Applications
  • April 30 – Notifications for SCS Scholarship Assistance Awards begin

Note: FACTS Scholarship Assistance Applications submitted after April 15 become part of Rolling Scholarship Assistance. These depend on the availability of remaining funds. Consequently, applications in Rolling Scholarship Assistance often experience processing delays as they wait for fund availability.



Scholarship Opportunities

Note: Families cannot have both a scholarship from SCS and from an Invest in Kids Tax-Credit Scholarship. However, it’s in your best interest to complete both scholarship applications so that we can help you have the best possible tuition support for which you qualify.


What Is A Tax-Credit Scholarship?

  • Invest in Kids Tax-Credit Scholarships. The IL Legislature created the Invest in Kids program, authorizing up to $100 million for scholarships through tax-credit funded contributions. This provides a path for qualifying students to attend a school like SCS through funds from a Scholarship Granting Organization, such as the Children’s Tuition Fund or Empower Illinois.

We encourage each SCS family to give, apply, or do both:

  1. Give. Different from a charitable donation, you can contribute from your tax liability to receive a 75% CREDIT on IL State Income Taxes. We recommend contributing through the Children’s Tuition Fund (administered by ACSI, SCS’s Christian education professional association). Please designate SCS! Children’s Tuition Fund contributions give children access to an SCS education and get you a big credit off your tax bill. Both individuals and corporations can give and receive this tax credit. Please share this opportunity with others!
  2. Apply. To review qualifications and apply for a tax-credit scholarship, visit the Children’s Tuition Fund or Empower Illinois. SCS works with both organizations, and while available funding may vary, the family financial qualifications are the same at each.

Note: In comparison to the traditional SCS Scholarship Assistance Program, SCS families are more likely to qualify for a scholarship under Invest in Kids guidelines. Plus, an award will be greater. However, contributions to Invest in Kids organizations ultimately determine what’s available.

  • The SCS Scholarship Assistance Program is also Available. You’ll want to apply for this along with the above Invest in Kids scholarships. Each year Springfield Christian School provides more than $250,000 in scholarship assistance to those in need. Our goal is to make an exceptional K-8 Christian education a reality for every family who desires to make it happen for their children.


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