SCS Morning Drop-Off 2.0 Starts Tuesday, April 16

After using the previous Morning Drop-Off procedures for a little over a month, we’re calling an audible and rolling out Version 2.0. We’re excited about these new procedures and need everyone to switch to these new procedures immediately.

We’ll have plenty of signs to assist you, but please review the map and directions below:

SCS Morning Drop-Off 2.0Click these links for the full-size versions: JPEG or PDF


ALL 8:00 to 8:30 AM Drop-Off traffic must access the Drop-Off Area through the primary Cider Mill entrance (closest to the SCS Playground). This route is marked in green on the map. You will pull to the farthest edge of the Drop-Off Zone, have your student(s) quickly exit the vehicle, and then safely do follow the curve (almost a U-Turn) to exit the Drop-Off Area. At no time should you drive past or move any cones. You may only enter and exit this area through the primary Cider Mill Lane entrance. As always, please drive carefully and make sure everyone on the property is safe.


ALL parents/guardians wishing to park and walk their student into the school must now drive south of the building through the parking lot and access the Park & Walk-In Area located near The Hub. You’ll be traveling in the part of the parking lot closest to the area where our Track Athletes practice after school and the SCS Baseball Field. This route is marked in blue on the map, you may park in any parking spot shown in blue on the map, too. Please walk with your child into the building or classroom to ensure they’re safe. At this location, you can take your time and conduct whatever volunteer duties or take care of any business in the SCS Office. At no time should you drive past or move any cones. You may only enter and exit this area through the primary Cider Mill Lane entrance. As always, please drive carefully and make sure everyone on the property is safe.

Before School Program Drop-Off (7:00-8:00 AM):

You will continue to drop off your student at the Cafe Entrance near the SCS Baseball Field on the south side of the building (purple on the map).



  1. Please share this information with others! If you have any friends or family that help with Morning Drop-Off, please make sure they know about this change!
  2. Need to use the Drop-Off Area, but entering the “back way” from Westbrook Drive? If entering from Westbrook Drive, you’ll turn left when you enter the parking lot to access Cider Mill via the secondary Cider Mill drive. You’ll then be able to access the Drop-Off Line by turning right at the primary Cider Mill entrance.
  3. Need to park and walk your student in, but you’re coming from Veteran’s Parkway/Cider Mill? Please drive past the first Cider Mill entrance to campus and proceed to the second. You’ll follow the signs to enter and exit the
  4. At no point should anyone park in the Drop-Off Area (near the SCS Playground or the North Playground Doors). If you need to park, please follow the procedures above for the Park & Walk-In Area.
  5. If you need to visit SCS during the day, please come around to the south side of the building as if following the Park & Walk-In procedures.
  6. Remember: Due to construction, when in the building you can only access SCS through the security intercom outside of the SCS Temporary Main Entrance. Thanks for your help in keeping SCS secure.
  7. We’re not changing anything with After School Pickup at this time.

Why change again? We’ve received helpful feedback from parents which has helped us identify the strengths and weaknesses of what we’ve been doing. We’re taking the best parts of the old plan and fixing what wasn’t working. This plan will increase student safety, keep families from having to cross through the construction area, and should be quicker for everyone. We’re committed to keeping our families safe while they’re here at SCS, even during arrival. We also want to make the process as efficient as possible so that you can stay as long or as little as you’d like.

Will we change another time after this? Maybe. While we believe this will work much better, we’re committed to having safe and effective procedures! We’ll be watching Morning Drop-Off 2.0 closely. These new procedures will influence what we do in the fall when school starts up again.




February 27, 2019

SCS Families,

We’re sharing two important and timely items in this message. Please be sure to read both sections!

Exciting Campus Upgrades

Monday, March 4, marks the start of a new era at West Side Christian Church as our partner-ministry breaks ground on a facility expansion. If you’re part of SCS, but not a Westsider, I want to make sure you’re aware of our church’s vision to fearlessly pursue Jesus and His mission. Called Fearless, the plan includes constructing additional kid ministry space and concourse areas starting this spring. It also includes a larger worship center scheduled to be open by Christmas of 2020. Westsiders are pursuing life on-mission to double our impact on this campus as we strive to bring the help and hope of Jesus to our region.

West Side will also continue generously investing in SCS as part of Fearless. We’re highlighting three SCS-related projects in this communication:

1.) New SCS Entrance: As you can see from this construction rendering, SCS will gain an attractive new entrance. Located by the SCS Playground, this designated school entrance includes a new and inviting vestibule that will serve as an appealing “front porch” of SCS visible from Veterans Parkway.

New SCS Entrance

2.) New SCS Office: The church is also building a new SCS Office accessible at this new school entrance. This new office will bring security enhancements and upgrade our ability to serve students and families.

3D View of SCS Office and Entrance

3.) Skylights: We’re also excited for an additional blessing from West Side during this season: SCS classrooms that become interior rooms (after the new kid ministry space) will be renovated to now have a skylight! We’re so pleased to have an 8’x8′ light well as a great architectural feature that still brings natural light into these classrooms.

SCS Skylights

Scheduled to begin when we get out of school for the summer, these SCS projects will be completed by the start of the 2019-2020 school year!


New SCS Drop-Off and Pickup Starts Monday, March 4

While work on these SCS projects will not begin till late May, other Fearless construction officially begins Monday, March 4. We need everyone in the SCS Family to understand and embrace three necessary adjustments to our procedures. These plans will help us operate safely and efficiently during this season of construction and change, so thanks in advance for your flexibility and cooperation!

1.) Morning Drop-Off:

NOTE: Morning Drop-Off procedures were updated on 4-15-19. Please see the details at the top of the page for SCS Morning Drop-Off 2.0.


SCS Afternoon Pickup Beginning March 4


2.) Afternoon Pickup: Please locate the designated pick-up parking area for your student and park there. Once you’ve picked up your student, you’re free to exit campus safely. Please use caution, paying extra attention to other families and vehicles in the area.

  • K-2 Students will be picked up from their classrooms. Please park in the K-2 Pickup Parking Area (green on the map).
  • 3-8 Students will be picked up on the east side of the building from a coned area similar to our current pickup procedures. Please park in the 3-8 Pickup Parking Area (yellow on the map).
  • After School Program Pickup will occur on the east side of the building at the SCS Construction Main Entrance.

3.) Accessing the Current SCS Office: If you need to visit the existing SCS Office, we ask that you park in the area across from the SCS Construction Main Entrance. You’ll use the security intercom installed at those doors, and someone from the SCS Office will “buzz” you in. If parking and coming in during Morning Drop-Off, please help us keep the drop-off traffic moving by parking closest to Veterans Parkway, and then being quick to cross the drop-off traffic.

Please share this information with any friends or extended family members who help you with Drop-Off or Pickup. Also, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. We want to do a great job communicating with you during this season (and always), so feel free to reach out if something is unclear or needs attention.

Your Partner in Christian Education,

Jeremiah Auble
SCS Superintendent